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Report Viewer

ETI's Report Viewer provides hundreds of reports with security-controlled access. Visual Fire supports Seagate Software's Crystal Reports . This powerful tool lets you easily create your own custom reports. Visual Fire includes Report Viewer that lets any user run reports that were created using Crystal Reports without requiring Crystal Reports to be installed on that user's PC. ETI's Crystal Viewer automatically sets up the necessary ODBC connections when it launches.

ETI's Report Viewer allows you one entry point into working with other reports and tracking report activity. Report Viewer cannot create the reports - that must be done using the actual Crystal Reports program separately. Other tasks that are performed from the Crystal Viewer module are Report Dissemination Log Administration and E-Sign Administration.

ETI provides the majority of its reports using Crystal Reports and FoxPro ("Inline Reports"). Using Crystal Reports allows customers to also develop custom reports to use with the Visual Fire/EMS database. In addition, most modules provide the ability to print a report based on selective search criteria on a database table. This feature gives the user the ability to search on virtually any data element within the particular module. The results report then may be viewed, printed or exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML, or PDF.

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